Hi Today I will guide the process to transfer of Sukanya samriddhi account from post office to any nationalized bank. I will cover the below topics.

1.Need to Transfer

2. Documents Required

3. Process Involved at Post Office

4. Process Involved at Bank.

5. Sample Images.

1. Need to Transfer:

Why it is needed to transfer the Sukanya Samriddhi account from post office to Bank means there is no facility to deposit funds into it through online to the account holding post office (you can only deposit online Post office payment bank account), which makes the physical presence at post office and standing in Q- Line to deposit the amount which is time consuming and not an easy task. some times the systems won’t work and all the time goes in vain.

Other thing is, there is no facility to check the balance online, only one can view the statement in the passbook updated by the counter official (some times it may not be updated so that’s why we have to keep the deposit voucher). that may be different in the online system.

In view of the above it is necessary to transfer the account.

2. Documents Required (Post Office) :

  • Representation letter addressed to the Post Master mentioning the transfer of account to Bank clearly mentioning the Account No, Name , Mobile No etc (please clearly mention the name of the bank, branch and address as the cheque will be sent to that branch by post).
  • PAN and Aadhar card of the Guardian
  • Birth certificate and Aadhar card(if Aadhar is not mandatory) of the girl child
  • Withdrawal Form/ slip should be signed ( It is mandatory Please make sure about it otherwise your account will not be transferred

3. Process involved at Post office:

After the request received from you, the post master will start the process of transferring the account to nationalized bank. The post master will update your passbook with any missing entries including the interest earned for that period.

Post Master will issue a cheque( Including request letter, passbook , aadhar,PAN, Birth Certificate) addressed to the Branch manager of the Bank and Speed post it to the address mentioned in the application which submitted by the customer (Guardian).

This process may take upto 3 days to 7 days to process the application depending upon the post office.

4. Process Involved at Bank:

The bank official will give you a call after receipt of the Documents from the Post office, and guide you for the opening of Sukanya Samriddhi Account. Please inform the official and make sure to open the account as Transfer in account but not as New Account otherwise the time for withdrawal, Maturity etc may increase.

The bank official some times ask again for the KYC (Including Passport Photos of Both child and Guardian) and the bank also takes one week time to open the account, after opening the account they will issue a passbook with account No and Customer ID. Please ask the official the process for registering internet banking and transferring funds to the account as the processes may vary depending on the bank rules. In axis bank we can add it as a payee and transfer funds, and we can get the statement from the customer support.

5. Sample Images :

The below are the sample images.

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