Hello Everyone, You may have heard about AI tools which create posts for your online blog with single click by just entering a Subject with the use of GPT 4 and GPT 5

I had come across with a best AI tool which is good and best to create posts to your blog with single click for post generation. You do not need to think more just enter a subject as simple as ” weight loss recipe” then it will create a title and post. The same is attached as image for your reference.

You will have plenty of options/ settings to generate the posts.

  1. You can create the posts around 50 languages around the world like, English (US), english (UK), Chinese, French, German etc
  2. You can select the article size as Small, medium and Large
  3. Tone of voice: That is you can create the posts like friendly, Professional, Informal, Casual etc depending on your viewers (target audience)
  4. It is also having a setting like which country you want to show this article. It is having 60 plus target countries
  5. You can also place high quality images for better understating for the users.

So why are you waiting just go to their site and have a try with the site for free plan if you like it then go for a paid plan. The site link is given below and please use my referral code get a massive discount of 25%

code for 25% discount is “TECHFIN”


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