Privacy Policy

Last Updated: [15-01-2024]

About This Policy

  • We are technology and finance professionals and we run the website
  • We care about your privacy! This Privacy Policy is here to explain how we collect, use, and share the information you give us when you use our Website.

What We Collect

  • Information You Give Us:
    • Name and email (if you sign up for our newsletter or contact us).
    • Any comments or content you put on our Website.
  • Information Collected Automatically:
    • What device you use (like your phone or computer) and your IP address.
    • How you use the Website (what pages you visit, etc.).
    • Cookies (these are little files that help the Website work better – we’ll tell you more about these later).

How We Use Your Stuff

  • To make our Website work and keep it running smoothly.
  • To talk to you (like answering questions and sending newsletters).
  • To understand how people use our Website so we can make it better.
  • To make the Website more interesting for you.
  • To follow the law when we need to.
  • To protect our Website and keep everyone safe.

Who We Share With

  • People Who Help Us: We sometimes share information with companies that help us with things like running the Website and making it better.
  • New Owners: If our Website gets sold to someone new, we might share information with them too.
  • The Law: If a court or the government asks us nicely (with a legal paper like a subpoena), we might have to share.
  • If You Say It’s Okay: Sometimes we might ask you if you are happy for us to share your information for something else, and if you say yes, we will.

Keeping Your Stuff Safe

  • We try hard to keep your information safe, but we can’t promise it will always be 100% secure.

Kids’ Stuff

  • Our Website is not for kids. If you are a parent and think your child might have given us their information, let us know, and we can help.

Moving Your Stuff Around

  • Sometimes your information might need to travel to different countries so we can make the Website work. Don’t worry, we’ll still keep it safe.

Things Might Change

  • We might need to update this Privacy Policy sometimes. If we make big changes, we’ll let you know.

Questions? If you have any questions about how we keep your information private, please contact us at: